Why I Am a School Librarian

Today I read the Nassau All County opening speech delivered by the president of the Nassau Music Educators Association, Nichole Greene. In her speech, she wrote:

“The following passage best explains why I am a music educator.  It is entitled “This is why I teach music”, author unknown.

This is why I teach music:
Not because I expect you to major in music,
Not because I expect you to play or sing all your life,
Not so you can relax,
Not so you can have fun,

But so you will be human,
So you will recognize beauty,
So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world,
So you will have something to cling to,
So you will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good
In short, more life’”

So heartfelt and just lovely. This spoke to my soul, to the heart of why those of us who are passionate about our livelihoods do what we do. In the face of negativity and incessant questioning of the relevance of our profession, this statement made me start to wonder…Why am I a school librarian?


Photo via Flickr CC user Jonas Tana

Here goes:

This is why I am a school librarian:
Not to be the keeper of the books,
Not to shush children and delight in stillness,
Not to sit among dusty shelves,
Not to make you love the Dewey Decimal System,
Not because I expect you to revel in credible sources,
Not so you turn off  the TV or YouTube and just read something (although you should).

But so you will be human,
So you will be a critical thinker, reader, and writer,
So you can dive into the consciousness of a thousand souls, spanning the globe from across the ages, and come up gasping: More.
So you can know the thrill of a life-changing story,
So you can say, There are others like me or I never thought of it that way
So you can lift yourself up and out and into any life you choose,
So you can ponder. So you can wonder. So you can discover.
So you can inspire, solve, defend, attribute, evaluate, create, connect, contribute…
To dispel ignorance,
To ignite curiosity,
In short, so you can thrive. 

Why are you a school librarian?

Photo Credit: Jonas Tana via Photopin CC


One thought on “Why I Am a School Librarian

  1. Wow, Nicole! That was beautifully said. Every word true to our spirit as librarians. I loved it! Thanks for taking the time to write it and share it.

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