Please find resources, tips, and recommendations to strengthen your position in light of recent cuts to library programs.
If you have additional resources or suggestions, please contact me and I will add them below:


  • Use data. How will students be impacted by cuts? How do you currently impact student achievement? If you have been asked to cover multiple buildings, provide data that compares the number of services/circulation before and after cuts (such as number of books circulated, number of classes taught, access to databases/technology equipment, etc).
  • Compile a list of EVERYTHING you offer— committee participation, after-school clubs, extended library hours, website maintenance, special programming, author visits, tech support. SHOW your school what will be lost through cuts.
  • Enlist parents. They are a fantastic advocacy ally! Establish good communication with your students’ parents; keep them informed about library events.
  • Become a member of professional library organizations. NYLA will contact administration on your behalf if you are a member. You can contact Sue Kowalski directly at kowalski423 AT (replace AT with @)


Regulations of the Commissioner of Education pertaining to Libraries, Library Systems, Trustees and Librarians – NYSED

NYLA Advocacy Page

Advocacy Toolkit for School Librarians:

This Colorado-based site has collected downloadable documents and webpages to help share our stories with key stakeholders:

WSWHE BOCES Advocacy Page:
From Paige Jaeger–Contains a wealth of suggestions and resources.

Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the School Librarian – ALA action brief

“Time to Broaden Our Strategy?” from Not So Distant Future

“Staffing Has Been Cut–Now What Do You Do?” by Kristin Fontichiaro (School Library Monthly)

School Library Monthly – Scroll down to “Advocacy/The Advocate” for a list of articles
School Library Monthly Blog – More articles with advocacy tips; specific types of advocacy (legislative, proactive, district-wide) are included

“Latest Study: A Full Time Librarian Makes a Critical Difference in Student Achievement” – From School Library Journal on the PA Library Impact study

The Need to Shift and Widen School Library Advocacy Efforts-An Opinion Piece by Gary Hartzell
Addresses the need to approach Ed. Administration professors, so administrators arrive on the job valuing school libraries.

AASL_infographic_Page_1Full PDF is available here: AASL_infographic


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