iPad Mini Loans

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Did you know that you can borrow an iPad Mini through the Media Library?

Did you know that you can request an app to be loaded onto the iPads?

Scroll down to learn about our iPad Mini and App Request program!

Help us build a regional database of recommended apps
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Click here for the List of Installed Apps.


iPad Mini and App Request Program 

The Media Library houses three iPad Minis that are available to be borrowed for 16 day loan periods.

There are two steps in the iPad borrowing process:

1. Request an iPad through SNAP

2. Request an App (these can be FREE or PAID apps)

*Please note: the iPads are pre-loaded with a number of high-quality educational apps. You do not need to request an app in order to borrow an iPad from the Media Library. App requests may be initiated for free OR paid apps; paid app requests will be reviewed by Nicole Laura.

Click here for the List of Installed Apps.

Click here to access Appitic — a Directory of educational apps. 

Due to the nature of the iPads, there are a few changes to the typical media library loan protocol when borrowing these devices:

1. Delivery via courier is not available. iPads must be picked up and signed out by a school-district employee; School ID is required during pick-up.
If you are sending a proxy to pick up your iPad, please contact Kristina Garcia via email or phone. iPads will only be released to individuals who can show a district-issued ID. 

2. When returning your iPad, it must be checked in by a member of the SLS team. Dropping off after-hours is not permitted.

A few more details:

You may use the iPads with students or for teacher use.
All apps must be loaded via request to the Media Library.
The iPads have a lock-screen password. If you need help with this password, please contact Kristina Garcia.


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